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New Era in Customer Experience: Aydem and Gediz Perakende Customer Relations Centers Renovated

Aydem and Gediz Perakende are in the process of renewing their customer relations centers by embracing a customer-centric approach, incorporating innovations, and offering services aligned with evolving needs. The branches’ transformation has commenced, guided by specialized concepts that emphasize technology and comfort, tailored to customer needs through attentive listening.

Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende goes to E-invoicing

Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende have recently embraced e-invoicing, marking a significant advancement in their customer service capabilities. With the implementation of this new system, customers who opt for e-invoice delivery via SMS and e-mail after making payments at the tellers will not only enjoy greater convenience but also contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle through decreasing the level of paper consumption.

Two honorable awards given to Aydem and Gediz Perakende

The digitalization efforts of Aydem and Gediz Perakende are ongoing, with an emphasis on improving employee and consumer experiences. Gülsün Akhisaroğlu, Director of Information Technologies, was presented with two separate honors at the “Future of CIO Summit and Awards” and the “International Data Corporation (IDC) Turkey CIO” in recognition of the company projects developed.

The project “The future is yours with your energy” brings together Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende with pupils once more

The “Young Guru Academy (YGA) Science Mobilization/The Future is Yours with Your Energy” project, which was begun in 2022 in partnership between Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende with YGA and aims to make children experience energy saving from a young age, is still going strong. Developed under the concept of Sustainable Smart Cities for 2023, the project is preparing to meet children in Samsun, Zonguldak, Ankara and Diyarbakır, as well as in İzmir, Manisa, Denizli, Muğla and Aydın.

Domestic Violence Awareness” on Electricity Bills of Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende

As part of the worldwide United Nations (UN) 16 Days Activism - End Violence Against Women" campaign, Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende raised awareness by including the emergency hotline contact information of the Federation of Women's Associations of Turkey on their electricity bills.

50 percent taken off the interest on farmers’ debts with zero interest loan

Under Aydem Perakende and Gediz Perakende’s collaboration with Ziraat Bank, farmers receive interest-free loans of up to 10 million liras with a term of 60 months to settle their electricity debts. In this context, 50% of the interest on electricity debts will be written off and support will be provided to farmers and agricultural irrigation unions.

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