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Producer Card Campaign

Farmers Produce Safely and Pay Their Bills with Deferment Advantages!

We, Gediz Perakende, offer a special opportunity to our farming customers! With DenizBank’s Producer Card, it is now much easier and advantageous to pay your electricity bills.

You will have the opportunity to defer the payment for 1 month with 0% interest or to pay in installments up to 4 months with affordable interest rates. If you have a farmer registration system certificate, you may obtain detailed information by visiting DenizBank branches, or you may visit www.denizbank.com or call DenizBank Agriculture Line at 0850 222 6 800 to get a Producer Card.

Advantageous Farmers with Producer Card!

Discover the privileges of Producer Card, produce with confidence, and pay with advantages!

Elasticity of Repayment

Our customers who have a Producer Card can pay their subscription bills with convenient payment advantages of up to 4 months, and can benefit from 0% interest for payment in 1 month.

Loan Support

Producer Card holder customers can use installment loans with a limit as determined on the card, repayable with payment terms of up to 3 years. Such loans are repaid at harvest or production time, depending on the product cultivated by the producers.

Ease of Shopping

Our customers who hold a Producer Card can do shopping at contracted merchants with a payment term of up to 6 months, benefiting from 0% interest advantage, and withdraw cash from our ATMs and branches 24/7.

Easily Manage Your Fixed Costs with Producer Card!

With special offers to farmers with Producer Card, you can pay your fixed costs in several installments. Thanks to Producer Card, you can get special credit limits and interest-free shopping offers, easily plan your monthly expenses, and make your payments not earlier than the harvest time.

  • Assessments for card applications and card limits are subject to DenizBank’s loan policies. DenizBank has the right to change the campaign conditions and the terms of use.
  • Producer Card holder customers can pay their bill debts in all subscriber groups, such as Agricultural Activities (Agricultural Irrigation).
  • Electricity bill payments through Producer Card are done at our customer relations centers only.
  • The campaign period is determined by DenizBank, without any responsibility on Gediz Perakende.

What is the customer benefit offered in the campaign?

  • Installments will be available until the harvest time in electricity bill payments through DenizBank’s Producer Card. We offer advantages in payments by providing deferred payment opportunity for our customers’ fixed costs.

Who can apply?

  • DenizBank’s Producer Card holder customers, who are also Gediz Perakende customers and engaged in agricultural activities, can apply for this campaign. Applications for Producer Card can only be made through DenizBank channels.

Who are Eligible for Holding a Producer Card?

  • Our farmers engaged in agricultural activities, who hold a Farmer Registration System Certificate, can apply for DenizBank’s Producer Card. Card applications and card limits are assessed in line with DenizBank’s credit policies.

Is there any provincial restriction on applications for this campaign?

  • No, this is a nationwide campaign. It is valid for bill payments relating to Gediz Perakende subscriptions from all provinces in Türkiye.

Can I extend maturity date of my Producer Card?

  • As card maturity dates are determined by DenizBank based on the harvest of farmers once a year, Producer Card maturity date may not be changed or extended. 


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